Saturday, June 7, 2008

A whole month has gone past so quickly and so much seems to have happened. ( technically we are already in June but lets deal with May first)
The Bear Fair on the 1st May was fantastic we did really well and lots of bears found new homes and we sold a lot of kits. I wanted to go and see my sister for a change instead of her always having to come and visit us but the crazy stupid thing to do was book my flight for the day after the fair, it was chaos trying to pack and plan in a couple of hours before the flight.
Made it in time and Bronwen met me at the airport, drove through to Hillcrest (about an hour outside of Durban). We grew up there and it was so nice to visit all the old places, although it has changed from a small farming community to a huge commuter town. The Main road and surrounds have all changed and it was only infrequently that I got a glimpse of the way it was but the residential areas on a whole haven't changed. There is no more farming, the big sugar cane fields are all gone and in their place are very fancy housing developments. Such is progress I suppose I most probably wouldn't have noticed it quite so much if I had carried on living there

This is our old house, rather changed from when we lived there.
My sister has a beautiful dog called Max. He is a gentle soul, takes after his Labrador mother in nature and his Chou father in looks.
Bronwen also volenteers for an animal welfare group and she fosters dogs until a home can be found for them. Bella came to her a couple of months ago, heavily pregnant and with her companion Boomer, they had been abandoned by their previous owners. Boomer found a home quickly and after Bella had her puppies and the 6 weeks rearing needed her puppies found homes but no luck for the little girl. She is such a lovely little girl, well she kept me company while my sister was at work.
I stayed with my sister for a week and had a lovely time especially with shopping, there are some really nice craft shops in Durban. Came home on the Saturday and then during the following week Bella found a home. I dont know how my sister does it I would have kept all of them, proberbly why we have 1 french poodle and 5 cats living with us at the moment.
Posted bears of to Bear Paths in America for the latest internet show and what happens they go MIPS (missing in postal system) Finally turned up but not in time for the show.
Then I caught some dreadful stomach bug and was out of action for about four days. That sort of virus really knocks the stuffing out of you. seems to take a couple of weeks to feel normal again.

So that brings us to the end of May. Now it is the last minute frantic rush to get the bears ready for the Teddy Bear Artist Event in Stratford-upon-Avon.

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