Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello and yes I am alive. Cheers and celebration, I am Internet enabled and my computer is all set up. Boy do you feel isolated from the world when you are not online. So much has happened and I cant believe it but I have been here a month and don't really have much to show for it.
My life is almost sorted out, we have telephone and Internet and you know you live somewhere when you start paying council tax :-)
This is a photo of the front of the flat from the street, we are above Snappy Snaps on the second floor, the open window is a good way to see our floor. Beautiful old building and luckily all the rooms still have the old high ceilings.This is the view from the back of the flat, my bedroom has the fire escape from it but the advantage is we have a little balcony.
Here is the little balcony. Not the best photo but it is just a bit boring out there at the moment.

This is the view from the front, standing in the lounge looking down onto Finchley Rd. Rather noisy in the day when the windows are open but really nice and quite at night. Don't you love the quintessential English street with the red London double decker bus.
I am literally 10 minute walk away from Hampstead Heath in one direction and this park Golders Hill Park is down the road behind the flat. I try and go for a walk there everyday. The weather is just perfect at the moment, for me anyway, I don't like hot weather so the mild summer is just perfect.
Lots of pictures of the park. Really lovely place to live and I think if you have to live in London, up north is the place to be, of course we could never afford to buy a house here but is not important at the moment.
Yoon-Mi's friend was having a photo exhibition for his collage course so we went to have a look. Got out at Waterloo station and walked to the Oxo Tower , spent a lot longer looking around and talking than we realised (it gets dark here at about 9:30 pm - not a problem when you are used to it but coming from winter in Cape Town I am still completely confused) so when we walked back to the station it was getting dark but what a magnificent time to take a photo of the London Eye. This is when it hits home that I live in London now.
As I am sitting writing this I look out of my door into the street below. I can have the door open, there are no burglar guards on the windows and it is completely safe. I don't think I will ever leave behind the paranoia and fear that you live with in SA but I think you start to relax just a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Wow Megs! These pics are beautiful!!! I love the park. I wish Maximus and I were there with you - he would love going for a walk everyday in the park :o) love you

Megan Chamberlain said...

Thank you Bron. Cant wait until you are all here


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