Friday, February 6, 2009

D-Day, the BIG move is here. It seems to have taken so long and then all the last minute details and hiccups make it seem as if there just isn't enough time. My Mom, Dad and sister leave Cape Town early tomorrow morning and arrive at about 6:00 tomorrow night in freezing cold London.

My sister's dog Max arrived on Thursday morning and is in the quarantine kennels for 6 months, poor boy, but at least he is only an hour's train journey from here so she can visit him often. I just hope he has settled in comfortably. The kennels will only let you visit about 3 days after arrival, to give him a chance to settle in I presume, so Bronwen can go and visit Max on Monday.

My four kitties leave Cape Town next Wednesday and will be flying to France. I just hope they are okay and safe, I know I can't do anything to make them less scared but I am very worried about them.
Our next adventure starts on Monday when we drive from London down to Folkestone to catch the Eurotunnel train to Calais. From there we drive to a town called Pontivy in Brittany where Mom and Dad and four kitties are going to live for the next six months. This is the way we are doing the cats quarantine.
I just hope this snow and ice has cleared up by Monday as it is going to be interesting driving on UK roads without having to learn how to drive in snow at the same time.

So please wish us luck and think of us on the next stage in the journey.

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