Monday, February 2, 2009


The snow has been coming down all night so it is very deep already. I am of course so excited about it, it feels like powder when you touch it but underneath the ice is forming and that is dangerous. The photo below looks like a postcard it is so pretty. The roads are already turning to sludge even though there are no buses running.
The little road behind the flat is better as very few cars come along it. Not many people out and about I think if you don't have to go out it is best to stay safely inside. It isn't that cold at the moment but once it stops snowing it is going to get freezing cold.

This is my balcony and my poor plants. When it stops snowing I will go out and make a snowman, there is enough snow out there already and I have always wanted to do that, my very own snowman, I love them and have quite a collection of ornaments.

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