Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some mornings I actually get organised enough to go for a walk and I wanted to share some of the lovely scenery around our house.
This is the front door and it is looking lovely with the flowers providing a splash of colour against the dark brickwork wall.
Turning right you see the other houses in the row below us and then right again and past our house we have the open field, the trees are the most beautiful colours at the moment.
And then we walk past the back of our garden, this is where I see the pheasant walking and the squirrels playing in the trees.
The most incredible fungus growing on the one tree, it looks like a seat for a fairy or tree elf.
The sun was definitely out when I took the next two photos, cross the road and looking back at the fields behind the houses.
The path then meanders around the airforce base and when we get tired we head back home.
I have spent the last couple of days stitching bears and just had to show you the photographers assistant at work again. I didn't even have to get him to pose for this photo, I wasn't paying enough attention to him and he decided to move to somewhere where I couldn't ignore him.

This is Pumpkin, the new bear on ebay and my last Halloween bear of the year. I am busy working on an order for an Edwardian nurse bear and then I have a couple more shop orders to stitch but I have almost finished a new pattern bear, a lovely boy in dungarees which should be in our etsy shop by the weekend.

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Jane said...

Sasha is so sweet... great assistant in my opinion!!

Take care,


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