Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The past week has been busy and I am having to get used to the very cold weather. Can you believe that the UK is having the worst winter in 37 years. I knew we would have to get used to the colder climate but this is extreme, my only consolation is that by next year we will be totally acclimatised.

I am getting used to scraping ice and snow off the car first thing in the morning and always having frozen fingers, but I am not complaining, it has been fun playing in the snow and we got to have a white Christmas.
The cats don't go outside at the moment as they just can't seem to understand what this white stuff is and Leila made me laugh by holding a paw up and looking at it in disgust and giving me a very accusing look.

I want to see the sun again and I never thought I would say that. I am not missing the SA climate, a friend wrote and told us that it was 37 degrees the other day, what two extremes but that is just too hot.
This is the garden, still an ice bound image, it has thawed a bit today and we might see some grass tomorrow.

I have been stitching little bears like crazy and hopefully will have them dressed by the weekend. This is a work in progress photo, I will update the photos as the bears get finished.
The latest news on Sasha is good, he went for a check up on Friday and the vet is very pleased with him. He weighed 4.05 kg compared to the 3.7 that he weighed when he went into hospital. So we just have to make sure he drinks a lot of liquid and has his tablet everyday and his next check up is at the end of the month. He is now behaving like a spoilt kitty, he cries every time he wants something and has the whole household running to see if he is okay.

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