Thursday, April 15, 2010

It has been a lovely quite two weeks, I can't believe it has been that long since a blog update. I think it is the calm before the chaos of moving and I really didn't realise how the time was passing.
On Monday the 5th of April we went to the Wood Green Animal Shelter's Country Fair, we saw a lot of dogs, some beautiful owls and falcons, a lot of mud and some displays of things. The birds were what fascinated me, they were so calm with all the people rushing around looking at them. This owl is just magnificent.
On Saturday the 10th of April  Bronwen, Wendy and I drove down to London to visit the Scrapbooking Show at Alexandra Palace. Bronwen is the scrap booking expert but I can always find stuff to buy at the show, so we had a very enjoyable but exhausting day.
Alexandra Palace is a beautiful old building and we had a chance to walk around looking at the wonderful detailing. The view of London from the Palace is incredible as it is high  up in the north of the city.

This is my stash pile, all sorts of lovely stuff to use for the bears, new ribbon, pens and the most amazing wooden buttons.
One final thing to share. I have a lot of scissors (not as many as Wendy, she is the scissor queen) and use most of them but they are always lying around everywhere. On a recent wander around blog land I saw a very clever way to store scissors neatly. The old glass 'holey' things that go in vases of flowers (I don't know what they are called) have a new purpose. And the best part is that last week I went into the local charity shop and what was there but one waiting for me. I feel so organised now but of course I still can't find my scissors as I am not used to them being so easy to find.
Tomorrow is the start of the next big move as we get the keys for the new house and will start the actual packing etc. We have internet access for another week here and then it should be only half a day before we have it set up in the new place so I will try to keep the blog updated. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


Babs said...

What a lovely pile of stash. Thank you very much for informing me of the Passion Fil magazine. I made a bid immendiantly.

Have a nice evening, love, Babs

Donna Griffin said...

That's so clever, Wendy! I'm going in search for one of those glass thingys. I expect I can match you scissor for scissor! And I feel your pain (in the back and elsewhere) for the move! While my husband was in the Army, we moved more times that I like to remember. This summer my daughter, Kim, is moving and I've signed up to help. Oh dear! Love your Blog!
Mini hugs,


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