Monday, April 5, 2010

On Saturday we visited the village of Castle Acre in Norfolk. It is about an hour and a half's drive from home which is not bad. The village is surrounded by the remains of a moat and has the most amazing architecture. What we went to look at was the ruins of a Norman castle and priory.

This is the remains of the Castle Acre Castle with the moat still very much in evidence around it. To see the structure you walk along a series of bridges and walkways. This building and the Priory where founded in about 1066, the history around here is so amazing.

Then you take a walk along the path to the Parish Church of St James the Great, this is a medieval church built in the 13th Century, it is outside the towns original defences showing how the town had grown in size.

Then we made our way to the magnificent Priory building, it must have been the most amazing sight when it was built, it is huge and awe inspiring. It still has such beauty and magnificence. The priory was destroyed on the orders of King Henry the 8th in the dissolution of the monasteries. This website has more information on these amazing buildings. 

We had a lovely day and the weather was very kind and only started raining on the trip home. Now we just have to decide where to visit next.

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