Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another long time since I did a blog update, I mean to do it and then time slips by. I am just sharing some photos today.

Lily of the valley and lilac from the garden and then two more photos of the lounge, it is my favourite room in the house.
Work in progress, bears are getting ready to be sent all over the place. Some news about one of our bears, when the ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland shut down the airports here in the UK we didn't think that it would affect us at all, we weren't travelling but a bear was and now she is lost. One of our bears was taken to the post office on the 19th April to go to Australia but only left the country on the 23rd and got sent to Russia to help clear the backlog, well she is lost in transit and we can only hope that she will make it to her destination. In the meantime her twin is being made.
Castiel is on ebay at the moment, you can also see Wendy's lovely bear and kitty.


Alba Linea said...

dear megan! at this time (no kid in the house *smile) i must say that i love your bears since many, many years! i often come to visit and look whats new here. your bears are just fantastic! best wishes and a big bear hug! ;0)

Sahara said...

Hi Megan!

Thank you for your visit and your kind words. What talent you have, your bears are so adorable and your blog is just beautiful!

Kiss Jessie for me, I have a toy poodle named Bubbles!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Beautiful bears and blooms!


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