Friday, May 7, 2010

I have been neglecting my blog for awhile, so much has been happening and I have been trying to do some of my orders. We have settled into the new house and I think we will be happy here. There are still a lot of unpacked boxes but we are slowly working through them and the workroom is all set up which is the important part.
This is the lounge and we have a lovely fireplace again, only gas though, no burning wood in there but it looks good. The still to be unpacked boxes have been strategically cropped out of view.
The lilac is so beautiful and smells amazing, we are lucky to have found a bush just up the road that we can get more from.
Mishka was deciding which toy to play with and I was lucky enough to get his photo but darn there are those pesky boxes again, just pretend those aren't there.
Just a couple of bear photos to end off with. Willow was on the website but she has already found a new home and is flying off to Australia. Georgina is on ebay and will be going to her new home soon.


ButtonBears&Raggedies said...

So glad your move went ok. Love the look, Hope you will be very happy there.

Conni said...

Alles braucht seine Zeit.
Viel Glück im neuen Haus.
Die Bären sind wunderschön.
Grüße Conni

Everything needs his time.
A lot of luck in the new house.
The bears are wonderful.
Greetings Conni


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