Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I know I have been missing in action again, life has been crazy busy. Having to go to work and pack kits and make bears for the Hugglets show and some orders, I need more time in a day. Some people seem so organised, that is just not me unfortunately, I seem to always be behind, but life is never boring.
Work in progress, bits of bears everywhere.
'Tea for Two' is my new ebay listing. I started making these special sets in 2001 and haven't done one since 2004. Each one is unique and I love making them, this set will be the eighth in the series, I want to try and find the photos of the others but I think they are lost in the time warp of unpacked boxes in the garage.

We braved the boxes recently trying to find our paint and some wire, found some ribbon that we had forgotten we were looking for but no paint and the wire was found briefly but then got lost again. Next expedition is scheduled for after the bear fair.

In the time since I last updated my blog three weekends have past, (time just seems to disappear) First weekend we went to London on the Saturday and had a lovely time, came home totally exhausted from all the walking. Next weekend I had to work so nothing exciting happened. This last Sunday we drove down to Stevenage. Bronwen won tickets to a scrapbooking show and we had a lovely time, it was only a half hour drive through beautiful English countryside to get there. Came home with some more ribbon, boxes, thread spools and some pretty paper.
Now it is back to stitching and finishing some of the clothing for the bears that are patiently waiting.

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