Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aside from the bears I love to do cross stitch and tatting. Cross stitch has taken over at the moment and I have a very bad habit of starting new designs and not finishing anything.
I only stitch for about 15 - 30 minutes before I go to bed so my time is limited but I have got to the stage of having about twelve UFO's lying around.
So I am officially setting myself a goal, no new starts until all of the above are finished. Of course that means that the parcel that arrived today has to stay in the box.
Look at the lovely threads and kit that arrived in the post from Nina in Hungary. She has the most amazing hand dyed threads and some very nice patterns, visit her blog to have a look
I did manage to get one thing finished. Niky from  had a contest and last week (yes at the same time as the frantic rush to finish bears) I stitched it up.
So many things to do and never enough time but at least I get to work and play with lovely fabric, threads and ribbon.

I will be having a giveaway. One lucky person will receive one of my special little bears. I will post details on Saturday.


aphelion said...

it looks pretty nice...

and sometimes you just have to take a break and dooo all the other nice things... just like sleeping ;)


(thanks for your nice comment :) )

Michelle May said...

Oooo! Everything is so pretty! I know, there are never enough hours for all these really fun things.
xx, shell


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