Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn has arrived, it is getting colder and has been raining on and off for the last week. We are waking up to dark mornings and it is dark at seven in the evenings. I do love this time of the year, I just seem to have more energy.

I have had a couple of comments and emails about my Lavender biscuits so am going to share the recipe, I love eating them and would have made more but ran out of butter (still not in full baking mode yet)
Always remember to use lavender that is pesticide free. I pick it fresh from the garden  just before I am going to make the biscuits.

Lavender Biscuits
(makes 36 biscuits)
175g unsalted butter
175g sugar
1 large egg
175g self-raising flour, sifted
6-7 fresh lavender buds, finely chopped

1. Prepare a baking tray by greasing. Cream the butter and sugar together until pale in colour.
2. Add the egg and beat into mixture. Add the flour a little bit at a time to prevent curdling. Stir in the lavender.
3. Spoon a teaspoon of the mixture on the tray for each biscuit. bake in preheated oven for 10mins at 200 degrees C/ 400 degrees F/ Gas mark6.
4. Remove from oven, leave to cool for a moment , then put on rack to cool.
Note: they spread a bit so leave space around each biscuit on the baking tray, also they puff up  in the oven and flatten when cool to end up slightly chewy in the middle, so good to eat.

Hope you enjoy making them. We are off to London tomorrow, will just have to be careful where we go. I should have some new bears to share with you soon. Wendy has a lovely little boy and his pull-along elephant on ebay at the moment.


Michelle May said...

Yummy! I'm going to do the translation from g to whatever we use in the states! I can't wait!
Thanks girlfriend!
xx, shell

Ginie said...

Thanks for the recipe , will try later today! I have some organic lavender that will do just the job!

teresa said...

Thanks so much for the recipe. My lavender is in full bloom at the moment.. so the timing is perfect. I've never used it in cooking before, so I hope it's okay to use!! Cheers

Lori Ann C. said...

These sound yummy . . off to bake!
Your little give away bear was too sweet!!!

Lori Ann

Storybook Woods said...

Delish, I am always looking for ways to use lavender. Clarice


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