Saturday, October 30, 2010

I haven't been blogging for a while again, bears and work have been keeping me busy, I need more hours in the day. Last Saturday we had a day out and had a lovely time even though the weather was very dull and grey and it rained on and off.
We drove through to Norfolk Lavender farm  it is the wrong time of the year to see the fields of lavender but we had a wonderful time.
There are three amazing shops and a fantastic garden to look at and they have an animal centre with some very unusual residents.
Yes, I know a rooster is not unusual but the wallaby and the other unknown furry creature are. And the rooster is magnificent.
The poor wallaby seemed to be so cold but he didn't want to go in his house and the other little creature had no name on his enclosure so I don't know what he is but at one stage there where four of them busy building tunnels.
Then we headed off to the seaside, the Norfolk coast line is very interesting but  a beach made up of pebbles is very strange. We got there when the tide was out and by out I mean that we couldn't actually see any water,my sister, Bronwen was most put out and still says she hasn't seen the sea, if there isn't any water then it isn't the seaside, I suppose she has a point.
It was very cold but I got to walk bare foot in the bit of sand that was there and we brought some lovely pebbles home.
The next stop was Castle Rising and a beautiful castle to explore.
There was a battle reenactment taking place when we visited which was fascinating. I love visiting the old castles and ruins, there is such an amazing sense of history and timelessness in the buildings and you can only imagine the stories that are contained there.

It was an amazing day out and the sun was already setting when we headed home (not as late as you might think - it is almost winter now)
My favourite scene, the wind turbines silhouetted against the horizon.

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