Friday, January 21, 2011

I feel as if I have been stitching and stitching with no visible results but there are a few bears waiting to be dressed and a lot waiting to be stuffed.
I had to do a tiny bear for a special order and it is standing at the feet of the second bear from the left. The tallest bear that I make with one of the smallest that I make.
I also have a knitted pixie hat waiting for the bear to be finished.
Tearose is on ebay at the moment. I had fun seeing how the batik fabric came out, she looks like a little harlequin bear.

I have been on holiday for the past week, had to use up my holiday allowance at work and didn't realise that I had just randomly booked two weeks off, so I am having a lovely time. It also gives me a chance to get over this dreadful flu, I am still battling with the remnants of it, the stupid cough is the worst.


Nina said...

Your bears are so cute and adorable!

Aнна Герасимова said...

MEGAN, collect your reward :) It's here

Marmalade Sky said...

All your bears are adorable!Especially Tearose, how can you 'bear' to part with them!

Sahara said...

The tiny bear is so cute! You do fantastic work Megan!

I hope you start to feel better soon...this was the first year I got a flu shot, Georgia got hit hard this year.



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