Friday, February 18, 2011

I am in full panic mode at the moment, just over a week to go to the Hugglets show and only a few bears completely finished and a few more waiting for their clothes and still more waiting to be finished. I never seem to work at a normal pace, it is dreadful, my creativity only seems to thrive in absolute chaos.
I would love to be an organised person who works to a schedule but I think I must accept at this stage in my life that it just not possible.

This is a little girl all ready for the show, I had such an lovely time embroidering her dress and trimming it with old lace, now she just needs a name.
To add to the chaos, we have had such a problem with our broadband. For the last two weeks it has been sporadic internet service, it took a week of me phoning the call centre to get them to send a technician out. It is fine our end, so the problem is at the exchange, another week and they finally send someone to the exchange and we are still having problems.
If you have a choice, don't use BT, nothing like being told to follow the steps on their webpage to solve broadband problems and when you point out that you can't access the internet to look at the page you have the person just sit on the phone in silence for a few minutes, totally clueless.

Then today my sister's car wouldn't start, so we drove her to work and then Wendy (my Mom) had to find someone to fix it.
Now back to the sewing, I will be taking some more photos tomorrow so will have more bears to show you soon.

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Donna Griffin said...

She is lovely, Megan! It's great to hear that others share that "panic mode" the week before a show. Wish I could be there to see them all. Maybe one day! Best wishes for a productive week.


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