Thursday, June 30, 2011

I have been busy working and stitching bears and the time has been racing past. It is full panic stations here as the deadline for the online show is looming and the bears are in various stages of undress or not even stitched.
We had a heatwave for a couple of days and that slowed the work almost to a halt, the weather is back to a nicer temperature thank goodness, houses in this country are not designed to keep you cool.
I also have such bad hay fever at the moment, the coughing and sneezing in the morning is not a nice sound.
I finished one bear for eBay. Petronella and Lulu are my latest little girls dressed in pink.
This morning while I was hanging washing outside a hot air balloon drifted past overhead. By the time I had got back inside, fallen over cats trying to get out and found my camera it had got a bit further away but still looked beautiful.
The view from up there must be magnificent and the weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and the sun shining brightly. Maybe if I get over my fear of heights I will take a balloon ride.


Abi said...

Megan! please forgive me. Have I visited before? I don't recall seeing the Cambridgeshire time zone before?
I get so muddled with blogs. I am terrible.
I love your latest bears, they are just so adorable.
The hot air balloon - wonderful. When I lived in Haddenham, I went up in an air balloon - it was amazing. Argh, I miss Cambridge - now you have reminded me of my past, I will spend the day reminiscing!
And I'm assuming that awful A14 between Cambs and Huntingon hasn't improved? the hours I wasted sat in taffic jams! LOL
Hope you have a great weekend - oh, and thanks for the 'dye' info - may well leave it to you experts.

Southern Bears said...

Be brave and go for that hot air balloon - it is fabulous and you will not regret it, not scarey at all!!

Pat xx

Abi said...

LOL - yes, it is a small world! I lived in Earith for a year or so, and loved going to the pub in Holywell. I worked as a Community Nurse in Huntingdon, and had a patch near St. Ives. The A14 drove me Bonkers.

I was born and grew up in cambridge - lived in Harston, Haddenham, Earith, Ely, Brandon, then my final 2 years before moving to the States was in Bury St Edmunds. I spent 3 years in Derby studying my nursing. Agh, I love to be reminded of my roots (sorry... taken over your page! LOL)
I like it here in the States, but I miss England so much it sometimes hurts. Just to be reminded of traffic jams and rain always helps me to feel brighter (since we get neither here!!)
Anyway. thanks again!


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