Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not much has been happening here the past week except a lot of stitching with nothing finished to show you yet.
So I will share a couple of photos from around the house. Roses from the garden, they smell so lovely. 
The old window frame has been placed on top of the shelves in our workroom.
I found it half buried in the ground when we where in France. The house that we were living in was next door to a very overgrown and neglected property which was used to dump everything you could think of. I think there were at least two old cars, piles of wood, a chicken coop and who knows what else.
So anyway I was trying to find Mishka kitty who was playing hide and seek and found the frame sticking out of a pile of junk. Wrestled it home and it has travelled with us since. I finally got my Dad to sand it lightly, didn't want to lose too much of the old colour (sort of a washed out yellow and duck egg blue) and now here it is.
I had planned to put either chalkboard or fabric in the openings to use it as a pin board but at the moment at least it is out looking pretty.

Hope everyone's week is going well. We are off to London tomorrow to visit my niece Victoria.

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