Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rose Witch is on ebay at the moment. I have done a special Halloween piece each year for a long time but this year everything got crazy and I just didn't manage. So Rose is a compromise, a tribute to Halloween and very pretty in her rose dress.
I found her dress fabric tucked away in the box of quilting fabric and it brought back so many memories. It really is vintage fabric, I had a rag doll that Wendy made me years ago that had a dress made out of this fabric to match one of my dresses. I wonder what happened to the doll, she must have got misplaced in one of our moves.
I am finally over the dreadful flu that I had and am feeling almost normal. I am trying to keep up with the bear orders but have been a bit slow, there are a few new bears for ebay  and the bears for the online show are being stitched at the moment. I hope everyone is keeping well and warm (or cool if you are down south) winter has been delayed here but I am sure it is on its way.

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