Saturday, December 10, 2011

I think this is becoming a monthly update rather than a regular blog. I can't believe how the time flies past. Nothing very exciting going on here and not very many new bears to show you, lots of orders and shop bears which I can't show you yet.
Lincoln is an order bear made as a companion for a little girl that I made a few months ago called Liberty. He is in his new home just in time for Christmas.
In my spare time, normally the fifteen minutes before I go to bed, I do my cross stitching. At the moment I am stitching Part 4 of the The Thread Basket SAL with C Mon Monde. I am a bit behind as time to stitch is not available but it is looking lovely and I am really enjoying it. Just ignore all the half finished bits.
And a final photo, the kitties are feeling the cold and try to find any patch of sun when it appears. Only one can have prime position but a little bit of sun will do.


maddyrose said...

Lincoln is a very handsome bear. I feel pretty much like your cats right now, trying to find a bit of sunshine to sit in. Wishing you a very happy holiday.

dixiesamplar said...

Awww, your kitties are adorable! Lincoln is one dapper, patriotic me some red, white, and blue.

Your SAL is coming along very nicely...enjoy!


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