Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Tuesday I had some shopping to do so caught the bus to Cambridge. The bus route has been open for about a year and it is an easy 40 minute trip with amazing scenery to look at and no worries about where to park the car and paying for parking.
Cambridge is a beautiful city and what I love the most is you will be walking along the street past a high wall and suddenly an open doorway catches your attention and you step through into a secret world.
Tuesday's visit was to Christ's College a diverse collection of buildings, some originally built in the 15/16th century. The buildings are built around a series of courtyards, one amazing entrance leading to another, with incredible details and the most wonderful gardens.
Looking back after passing through the above archway you have another incredibly detailed doorway.
I have included the map for reference, I only walked around half of the gardens and will have to go exploring some more another day.
After visiting the market and finishing my shopping it was time for a coffee break and I settled in a comfy chair upstairs at E.A.T for some people watching and to rest my weary feet. Just a couple of photos taken from the window, the building across the street is another of the many very beautiful buildings in Cambridge.
I hope you enjoyed sharing my visit to Cambridge.
I am planning a giveaway soon so watch this space.


Milly Me® Teddy Bears said...

OMG Megan I envy you, just a 40 minute trip to such wonderful place. Cambridge is awesome, it's one of the cities that are on my wish-list to visit.
I get a bit on an Inspector Morse-feelling whilst looking over your pictures ♥

Happy weekend, Thea

Cathyraggedy said...

Wow it,s fabulous thank you for the pictures.hugs

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Oh - I had no idea you lived so close to Cambridge. I have just planned our september vacation along with Hugglets and we´re going to visit Cambridge this time. How fun is that. Loved seing your photos Megan - can´t wait to visit.

Romeo said...

WOW! Not THAT is some scenery! Why think of the alleyways I could roam for days on end!!! Of course "she" might not appreciate me being gone for that long so it's probably just as well I don't live there. It's wonderful to see you have such good company on a daily basis. Well except the poodle ;) Okay just kidding, I'm sure he's okay for a dog and all....

Positively loved this adventure with you. I shall return again soon!



Something Special said...

A very very beautiful place indeed. You must feel very lucky to live close to that! I am a new follower.


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