Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finally an update, life has been so busy around here the last couple of months.
We had my brother, sister-in-law and niece staying with us while they waited to move into their new house and trying to make bears while an adorable but wicked toddler charged around the house was interesting. Of course now that they have gone, I really miss her.
We have also been very busy with orders so have not had a lot of time to make other bears. I always make a special Halloween bear and have really left it late this year but just had to try and finish him, Wendy had to push me as I nearly gave up at the last minute.
Please meet Salem the 2012 Halloween bear.
I had a lovely time making his box, cushion and pumpkin. He is on eBay at the moment so please go and visit him.
Now it is back to sewing order bears and embroidering a dress. It is Wendy's birthday on Monday so the family is coming for dinner tomorrow, I will try and take photos of the cake and of the Halloween decorations to share with you.
I hope everyone has a good weekend, winter has arrived with a flourish and it has got very cold.


Carol R said...

Gorgeous Halloween bear Megan! For some reason I prefer 'naked' bears - I hope that's not strange or perverse?!!

M. ALLISON said...

So beautiful work !!! I love this Halloween bear !!

sharon's shabby creations said...

Your halloween bear is amazing!! Well done!!

Hugs Sharon

Rosethé said...

adorable création aux couleur d'Halloween!

Cathyraggedy said...

Wow absolutly beautiful bear!!!Hugs.


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