Tuesday, April 1, 2008


My sister has been on at me to get a blog, so here goes. It has been one of those dreadful summer days (yes we are supposed to be in Autumn now) temperature of 36 degrees C and no wind, I just don't want to do any work when it is so hot.
Eskom has finally struck again, I was in the local shopping centre when the power went off, pitch black and it took the generator a couple of minutes to kick in. By then all the shops had closed their doors so that was the end of shopping for the day. Luckily we had power at home.
I am supposed to be working on bears for an order and a new one for ebay but all I want to do is play with my tatting. I am really having fun with tatting, learn't how to do it last October and am getting the hang of it now, hopefully some finished pieces will follow.

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