Thursday, April 24, 2008

the joy of living with cats

I have been fighting a cold the last couple of days, luckily it doesn't seem to be too bad.

It is time for the cats to have their flea and worm medicine and I think it just gets worse every time we have to do it. We have five cats so it is quite a challenge to sort them all out.
It started yesterday, managed to grab Lucky (cat4) as he finished his breakfast, popped the pill down his throat and put the cold wet flea medicine on his neck, he wriggled free without any injury to us but I swear he ran through the house warning the other cats because we didn't see them till dinner time.
Day 2:Got hold of Merlin (cat3) while he was sleeping on the couch, gave him his pill then the flea stuff, let him go then realised it wasn't all out of the tube, chase him round the house and corner him in the garden. Now for Leila (cat5) she is sleeping in her bed but as soon as she sees us approaching she is off, an hour later she is on the couch and I get her while Wendy holds the medicine, one torn shirt and bloodied elbow later she is still not done and we are holding the open medicine, so I manage to wrestle Sasha (cat1) out of the bushes and we send him off sorted out.
Play hide and seek with Leila for the rest of the day but when we approach she runs. 10PM sitting on the couch sewing while watching TV and Mishka (cat2) comes to sit on my lap, pill down the throat but when the flea stuff is popped out of the packaging he is off. So the saga continues.

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blue-doggie said...

Hello! This is your sister who has been bothering you to do a blog! Thanks for the laughs this entry provided - was wetting myself for ages picturing all the chasing of cats etc. Luckily Maximus has calmed down somewhat & now stands quietly when I put anti-flea stuff on him!


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