Monday, April 21, 2008

Jessica in her pretty dress

Jessica has just been completed and put on ebay. I had such fun embroidering her dress and think it looks so dainty and delicate.
She can be seen at

I seem to have mislaid (more likely lost) my pliers. I have had them for years and they were tiny jewellers pliers just perfect for doing the small cotter pins. Now I have to go hunting for a new pair, I find it funny how you get so used to a particular thing that nothing else seems to work quite right. Two years ago I took my scissors to be sharpened and they got ruined, the blades cross over each other, so now I am the proud owner of twelve pairs of scissors because none of them are as good as the old pair.

The weather is finally showing signs of autumn, cooler in the evenings and dark by 6:30, I just hope the rain holds off till after the bear fair on the 1st May, being an outside venue we really are reliant on the weather.

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