Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well it has been a crazy week. This is the new pattern I have been having trouble with but am happy with him now, the perfect little Baloo.

Yesterday at 3:00 we had two different estate agents bring people to look at the house. (Going on for 4 months trying to sell the house - we always seem to choose the wrong time) anyway, Leila my little black kitty is very nervous of people and with the whole influx and chaos she just took off. I couldn't find her and after an hour was starting to panic, well Wendy (my mom) and I started searching everywhere, asking neighbours, walking around the block calling for her. I was in tears, she is such a scaredy cat and normally comes when we call. We looked everywhere we could think of and by 7:00 PM I was getting desperate. Thank heavens she then appeared from the garden down the road, virtually crawled up the road to get home (they have a big bully of a cat and I think he must have had her cornered) poor little baby got shouted at (not really) then hugged and given extra food because poor chubby child that she is must have been starving after her four hour ordeal. Well she hasn't moved out of the house today and has been bothering the big brothers for attention.
I most proberbly spoil my kitties too much but they do become your furry children.

This is Leila looking so beautiful sitting in the sunroom.

I am trying to finish a little duck that I started on Easter weekend, still in pieces but it will be so cute to put with a bear. I am also busy embroidering a dress for a bear for ebay and Wendy has the cutest little boy and his dog on ebay at the moment.

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