Thursday, June 26, 2008

Living in London

I have arrived. After a few chaotic days and sleepless nights and many, many hours of packing I am in London. It has been a crazy time over the last couple of months and as per my usual style I didn't really start packing until last week and only packed my suitcases on Tuesday the day I went to the airport. Most of my books and stuff are in storage waiting to be sent with my parents stuff when they sell the house but I have 4 boxes waiting to be posted to me and had 2 suitcases to take on the plane. Pretty scary stuff to find your life reduced to that amount of stuff although I am still a major hoarder and love all my things around me. The most important stuff in the suitcase besides clothes was my bear making materials, thank goodness I make mini bears because as it is I had to seriously decide on what fabrics to bring with me. Wendy and I have just always brought fabric together and stored it together and shared everything it is going to be so strange not to have her across the table to offer advise and make me laugh.
The airport arrival was interesting, I had to pay for excess baggage - £70 (R1232) a serious amount of money. The flight was okay but I won't even go into the table manners of the guy sitting next to me. Now for an interesting bit of info, I am sure I heard stuff shifting around under my feet on the plane but didn't think too much of it. When we landed everyone jumped up as per usual, myself included when the captain said that they had a big cargo of freight on the plane and it had shifted during the flight and was now all in the tail section of the plane so we would all have to wait for 10 mins before getting off as they were worried that if the people got off first the plane would tip backwards, believe it or not.
The plane landed early so even with the wait I got thru very quickly. Immigration was very quick as I had my x-rays ready and it is only a small bit of paper they fill in, they must have all the info already from when I got my visa.
My suitcases were already waiting and I got thru customs straight away. I was impressed with the new Terminal 5 although it is so huge you spend a lot of time walking. Austin (my brother) met me and then we had the 2 hour underground journey to get to Golders Green. The little flat is really nice and Wendy sorted out my room when she was here for the bear fair in Stratford at the beginning of the month.
It is so strange being here on my own, Wendy and I have always stayed in London for the bear fairs so we know the city very well but we always did the shopping together, oh well it wont be long before they will be here. I really miss my Jessie poodle and my kitties, I couldn't sleep last night because I am used to Jessie by my side and Mishka fighting for pillow space.
I will put some pictures up soon I am able, I am using my brothers computer and trying to get him away from it for any length of time is a challenge. Hopefully it wont be long before my computer is connected to the Internet.
Have started to settle in and it wont be long before some new bears are finished.

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