Saturday, June 14, 2008


Still no finished duck and seen as I have mentioned it twice I obviously feel the need to complete him. I am very unsettled today, I have bears to make, a couple of half done samples for kits but the huge pile of ironing that is threatening to fall over has to be done (I positively loath ironing).
I then decided that I need to find the washing instructions for my winter coat and I know that they are in a drawer somewhere, well I cleaned out a drawer (I am a pack rat because the drawer is now almost empty and nothing important was being kept) and then found the instructions in another drawer.
The main problem is that I leave in 11 days time and need to sort out my life and actually pack stuff into 3 piles. Pile 1: stuff to take on the plane with me. Pile 2: stuff to get sent to me. Pile 3: stuff to be left in a neat order for when the house finally sells and the moving company comes and packs everything.

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