Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday parties and muggy weather

Austin's birthday is the 29th July but we had his party on Sunday. Yoon-Mi and I made all the food and got everything ready in the morning for the guests to arrive at 1:00. Had lots of lovely food and I think it looked good.What we hadn't taken into account was the weather. It was the hottest day this year( I think) at 30 degrees it was so muggy and humid, I have forgotten how to deal with this sort of weather, Cape Town gets very hot but not humid. The birthday cake was fantastic, can you believe a 3 layer 8" square chocolate cake with that fantastic icing only cost £16. Truly amazing. Of course we still have cake in the fridge because it turned out to be far bigger than we thought.
The weather stayed dreadful on Monday. I managed to find an optician to fix my glasses after I broke the one piece off on Saturday. Thank goodness it only took him a few minutes to fix them, I had visions of fumbling my way home and not being able to sew any bears because I am seriously short sighted. Definitely need to get another pair as a back-up, you don't realise how you rely on your eyes until you can't see anything.
There was supposed to be serious thunder storms last night to relieve the pressure and cool this weather down but it didn't come too much. Another small thing I miss is the huge storms that clean everything up and keep it cooler, and in Cape Town it gets cooler at night no matter how hot it was during the day.
Will have some new bears to put on the web page at the end of the week and Wendy is working on a totally new pattern for eBay.

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