Saturday, August 9, 2008

Where does the time go, a week goes by without you realising and that means that Hugglets Bear Fair is just around the corner.
I have had a few job interviews but nothing much has happened yet, just have to hold thumbs that something comes up soon. In the meantime I have been busy making bears. Just listed Splodge on eBay. I am really pleased with this little kitty, she looks so cute.

I have also finished a couple more bears which Wendy will be putting on the web page during the next couple of days. This is 'Story time' - Maddie and Belle, just a sneak preview.

Austin has gone to an army camp for training for the next 2 weeks so Yoon-Mi and I are at a bit of a loose end, not that I can do much with limited funds but that is the lovely thing about London we can go to the museums for free and there are certainly enough to choose from.
I am also trying to do some of the ordered bears that I have been promising, as soon as they are finished I will put the pictures up.

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Penny said...

Hi Megan
Glad to see you are settling in and becoming part of the stiif upper lip. Hope you find a job soon. Happy bear making instead, trying to get bears made for Jhg, but too cold to sew. Miss having you here to speak toand seeing you.
Bear Hugs


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