Thursday, August 14, 2008

I have been busy working on bear orders the last couple of days, I am not the most disciplined person when it comes to orders, as some people know, sometimes they have to wait for awhile before I get the bears finished.
Above is a group of bears that I have done in the last month, it is not often that I have so many together at one time unless it is for a show but these are waiting to be sent off or are newly finished so I just had to photograph them all together. A couple are also still looking for homes, I am very tempted to keep Splodge kitty after she didn't sell on eBay
The Nutcracker is an order and will be going to America soon. I haven't made one since 2001 so it was a surprise to get the order but I am so pleased with him, he has come out really nicely and will be perfect for a Christmas display.
I just had to show off my fuchsia, I can't believe that i am actually managing to grow some plants, it looks beautiful on the balcony and makes it look a bit more like home.

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blue-doggie said...

oh wow, Megs, the bears are gorgeous and i love the kitty too. i also love your fuschia! wow, i can't believe how healthy & happy it looks! remember to water it! love you, bronxxx


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