Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I have put a new pair of bears on eBay. Cricket and Rose, I know it is an unusual name but it just seemed to suit her. So please go and have a look at them if you have a minute. And also have a look at Wendy's new bear, such a pretty little face.

It has been raining here again for the last half an hour, it is very strange weather but long may it last, I love the rain and the cooler weather and am very happy.

We had to get the landlord to get someone to come and sort out our rat problem, the rat has now figured out how to come through the walls into the kitchen and that is just not nice.
Yoon-Mi thought the landlord had got someone called ratkiller to come which is very funny and very appropriate (actually it is rentokill). So the poor rats days are numbered, I feel terrible about doing it but I do not want them in the flat. The little sod was actually attacking one of my plants again last night. Apparently they normally stay at street level but the guy who came to see us said in the last couple of months he has had a lot more calls about rats moving upstairs.

Well enough on that subject, not much else happening, just stitching bears like crazy - it is not too long till Hugglets now and have to start getting the bears ready.

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