Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A new bear on eBay. Oliver has quite an attitude but looks so cute with his long hat. The hat takes forever to knit, I use two strands of embroidery thread and you have to be careful that you knit both of them with each stitch. Also there are about 110 rows of knitting, I am not complaining, just don't think that I will be making many of them.
I had such a problem photographing him, I know the light is different here than to South Africa but it is really quite extreme. In SA the light is very harsh and I used to take the photos outside and I think they looked good. Here I can't take the photos inside because it is so dim and outside (when it isn't raining:-) the sun or the camera gives everything a yellow tone. Poor Oliver looked gold instead of his natural light brown. So a lot more practice is needed to get the photos right.

I have been a bit clumsy lately, especially around kitchen knives, managed to cut my fingers twice, luckily not too badly, but on Sunday I really damaged myself, I managed to slice along the top part of my thumb quite badly. Luckily Austin doesn't mind and bandaged me up, the worst problem is that I am finding it a bit difficult to sew, take a stitch, get the needle stuck in the plaster, want to cry because you have now put pressure on the cut and it is throbbing. So I am knitting, rather ham handed but at least I am working. Not much time till the Hugglets show and I am so excited Wendy is going to be staying for two weeks.

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