Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Job

As of Tuesday I will be a gainfully employed person. Went for a job interview on Thursday and they offered it to me on Friday, I will be working as a sales assistant at a cookery/culinary shop called "Divertimenti". Really lovely shop in Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, just down the road from Harrods.
Not that I don't have a job making teddy bears (which I love) but living in London is expensive and I need to start working, so that one day we can buy a house in the UK. With the terrible exchange rate between South Africa and the UK that is going to be a long time coming but a good goal to work towards.
And talking about teddy bears, not long till the Hugglets show on the 14th September and I am as usual running behind. I have got a new bear on eBay called Button, really adorable, I am very pleased with him as he is a bit different to my usual style.
I have a very bad habit of cutting 10 bears out at a time and only making about 6 of them up, so the others sit languishing in my basket for years sometimes. With moving and only being able to bring a small amount of fabric with me I have actually been making up some of these 'forgotten' bears. It has been interesting to see what I designed and then never finished, Button is a much rounder, childlike bear with a bigger head, I think that is what makes him so cute. I have made him a sister called Sunshine but she is waiting for her trimming so won't be making an appearance just yet.

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blue-doggie said...

Your new beary is fantastic Megs. And congratulations on the job! That is truly fantastic. xxx


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