Friday, September 19, 2008

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Actually three to be precise, where does the time go?
I started my new job on the 2nd September, very nice shop, really upmarket and luxury goods market but it has taken quite a lot of getting used to. I am on literally on my feet from the time I leave the house at 8:30 until I get home at 7:00. The tube journey is an hour each way and I sometimes get a seat and then I do get an hours lunch break. I have been getting used to the hours and am certainly getting my exercise.

This has not helped the bear making but I did manage to fit that in around the other stuff.
I was so excited to meet Wendy at the airport and we had a lovely time catching up an all the news that you just can't remember when you are on the phone. Some frantic bear making on the Friday and Saturday and we where as ready as we where going to be for Sunday.

The Hugglets show was very good for us and we enjoyed meeting some of our regular collectors. Overall I think the show was quieter then I have seen it before, but a lot of bears seemed to find new homes and One really wacky 'mummy' nearly came to live with me. I fell in love with Art Roger's 'mummy' and after cuddling him close and handing him back too do half a circuit of the room I was back to find that someone else had got 'MY' mummy. Good news is that I can start saving and get one made especially for me. If any one is interested, look at
There where a few other bears that I was really tempted to invite home with me but unfortunately budget restraints dictated the spending and I have to just make a wish list for next year. We had a lovely time, brought some new fabric, got given a whole lot of fabric from a very kind friend and made our weary way home at the end of the day. Now it is getting back to work and completing orders and getting new bears onto eBay. Oh and course going to work in the real world.
I took some pictures of our table and will put them up soon.

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