Friday, October 10, 2008

It seems as if I have been hibernating for the past month, I can't believe so much time has gone by. A very familiar refrain from me.
Wendy and I had a bit of time together to go out shopping and such, but not much as I had to go to work and she had to stitch bears for orders. Nothing like saying, I went to London for 3 weeks and all I got to see was the inside of the flat because I was so busy working, but that is what happens in the life of a teddy bear artist.
Finally sat down and sorted the photos out. So first up we have the Hugglets bear fair, a whole month ago but it is still nice to see the pictures.

Wendy had to go home on the 29th and I miss her already. We have been very spoilt over the years, we worked together in our studio, drove each other mad sometimes, but we had someone to talk to. Teddy bear making is a lonely business and it was nice to sit stitching and talk about setting the world to rights and boy do I miss the times when I could just say to her, I just can't seem to get this bear to look right, do you have any suggestions.
Thank goodness for the Internet, almost instant communication. Some very funny pics have been sent back and forth, with captions of 'do you think my ears look okay here' Then of course I think I am BT's favourite new customer, luckily the telephone bills haven't been too bad and there is only an hours time difference.

The weather has been giving me an idea of what I have to get used to in winter. We have suddenly gone from summer to winter with nothing in between. I am learning the joys of central heating and how to be prepared for days of rain. Cape Town was good practice for this climate as it has winter rainfall and rains for days. The rain here is so gentle and the wind is almost non-existent so have quickly acclimatised.
This beautiful rainbow came out after 4 days of rain, of course we have to have the eternal TV aerial in the way.
Two of the bears almost finished for an order and waiting by the window, wondering when it is going to stop raining so their photo can be taken.
This is my little balcony garden. Wendy helped me to re pot everything and it is looking so lovely. A squirrel has taken to visiting a couple of times. Wendy saw him when she was here but I only finally saw him yesterday when he leapt off the roof onto the railing and looked at me through the window. He must be a real urban warrior as there is not a tree to be had in this entire road. We are not far from Hampstead Heath but it is still an awfully long way for such a tiny creature to travel. The little bugger has tried to dig a hole in the one pot, I don't know whether he is trying to bury something or trying to dig up the roots.
Austin, Yoon-Mi and I went to the Hadrian exhibition at the British Museum on Saturday and had a really nice time. The museum building is magnificent and I had to take a couple of pictures. You can't take any pictures inside the actual exhibit but it was so incredible seeing all the old statues and artifacts. It took us almost 3 hours to see everything, I was very taken with a carved marble column, it was so intricately done and covered with leaves and animals, just perfect for a garden.

Austin and Yoon-Mi waiting in front of the museum.

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Anonymous said...

At last! a post from my busy sister! SO nice to see what you've been up to *hugs*


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