Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Now that my parents have managed to sell their house it is full steam ahead with the relocation plans. Of course we would decide to put the house on the market at the worst time, but at last things are happening.
I wanted to go home for Christmas and also now it is the perfect time to help them pack and move but I had a terrible time trying to find a flight home. The travel agent said I should have booked a ticket in May to get a cheap flight to South Africa, but hell in May I was still there and not thinking about flying home! So after much searching and many terrifying prices upwards of £1500 we managed to find a flight for £892. I will be away for a month, that is what makes the price cheaper ha ha but I will be there to help them through all the upheaval.

The cats can only leave the country on the 8th February so Wendy had to find somewhere to stay for a month as they have to be out of the house at the beginning of January - already difficulties arise! So for a month they will be staying in Pringle Bay about 1 1/2 hours outside of Cape Town and then it is off to France. We have managed to find a lovely house to rent in Brittany for 7 months while the cats and dog get their passports. We just can't put our furry children in quarantine for 6 months so this is the best solution.

In the meantime life goes on around all the drama and I am finally living in a country that celebrates my almost favourite holiday HALLOWEEN (can't decide between Halloween and Christmas)
I brought a pumpkin to carve and given my accidents with knives Austin followed the instructions on the label to the letter and made sure I had adult supervision. I am so pleased with the results and every night he sits in the window with a candle burning inside, don't know if anyone can see him as we are on the second floor but I am very happy.

The fresh pumpkin, I really don't like pumpkin so the smell took some getting used to.

I want to take some pictures from outside at night so I can get the proper effect with the light coming through .

I had an order for a tiny 2" Alfonzo lookalike and I think he came out well. It really isn't easy dressing such tiny bears, most of the fabrics just fall apart when you try and stitch them.
This is my new bear on eBay. One last one before it gets to late to post them off. I had a lot of fun knitting the jersey for her, it has pumpkins on the sleeves and it didn't take as long as I thought it would.
I am doing another teddy bear fair here in London, Wendy and I had a table at this show in 1996 but have just never managed to be here at the right time to do it again, so we thought we would give it a try again now.
The London International Antique and Artist Dolls, Toys, Miniatures and Teddy Bear Fair is on the 16th November at the Kensington Town Hall and I think it will be fun to do. So I am now busy making bears for the show and orders, I am always grateful that we are busy and have loyal collectors who still buy our bears even when the economy is getting bad.

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