Friday, November 7, 2008

It has been an eventful week. Austin's bike got stolen from work, it was in a secure locked area but they still managed to steal it - these things even happen here in the UK. Apparently bicycles are very popular items to be stolen in London.
Vera's house got broken into in Cape Town, now that is more common, but the worrying thing is it is just around the corner from my parents house. I will be so glad when they are living here.

It has been overcast and grey for days now, not very good weather for photographing bears and not good weather for bees
They need the sun to be really happy and this beautiful bee was sitting on my plants for a whole day trying to get some energy to fly home. The bees are fascinating here, they are big and furry, obviously need to be warmer here.
I sat and watched the fireworks from the lounge window on Guy Fawkes day. It was quite far away but still heard the noise and saw all the amazing displays and didn't have to go out in the cold. On Friday night there is going to be a big firework display at Alexandra Palace which we see on the horizon from the lounge window, so I have got the perfect place to watch already.
It is getting dark at 4:00 in the afternoon and it is taking me a bit of time to get used to.

Last night we went to the London Korean Film Festival at the Barbican. Had a really good time, because it was opening night we got goodie bags on our seats and I was lucky enough to get a DVD in mine, of course Austin has already appropriated it.

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