Friday, November 14, 2008

So much to do and so little time. On Saturday the 8th I watched the Lord Mayor's Show, Austin was only a Marshall at this event but I did get to see him. Watched all the amazing displays and the soldiers marching in the rain, all those uniforms must have got sopping wet. It poured with rain almost the entire day and I got soaked to the skin, especially when standing under my umbrella and realising that it is now so old it leaks.
On Sunday Austin was marching with his unit in High Barnet, luckily no rain but no tube trains where working so Yoon-Mi and I had to take two buses to get there. We got very careful instructions on where to get off bus 1 and catch bus 2. Of course the bus stop that we get off at has no bus route map so we look around in vein, see the bus that we want to catch driving off to the left and head off in that direction, the walking distance between bus stops is quite far but we still have plenty of time. Get to the next bus stop , find a route map and see that the bus we want doesn't come in this direction ( the bus we saw must have been out of service or lost - just like us). So we turn around and walk back , past the first bus stop and find the station where they have got rail replacement buses and we continue the rest of the journey. Thank goodness we still made it in good time and got to see Austin marching to the church for the memorial ceremony.
Took lots of photos but have just put a couple up here.
I have been busy working on the bears for the show on Sunday, all of the bears Wendy sent have arrived in good time and other than a few finishing touches everything is done. This is one of the new bears for the show. Vivian Rose, I had a lot of fun doing silk ribbon embroidery on her sleeves, haven't done it for a long time but it looks so delicate.

I love doing embroidery and incorporate it into a lot of my bears clothing but never find much time to do anything else, of course I love doing my tatting and knitting and the list could go on. So I have made some time to do some cross stitch, just a couple of little projects, this is a strawberry fob to hang on scissors or just to have lying on a table, I am really pleased with how it has turned out and have a couple more almost finished.

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