Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have arrived.
Yoon-Mi and I left the flat and took the hour and a half underground journey to get to Heathrow airport. Check in was easy and fast with the new online system. I have now found out that you cannot travel with Christmas crackers - they are classed as 'dangerous' and have to go in your check in luggage, not that I had any but it was one of the questions that I got asked.

The plane was supposed to leave at 11:30 but it arrived late so we only got boarded 1/2 hour late then we got told that the airport was fogged in so nobody was flying out. The plane finally got in a queue an hour later, it is quite something to see all the planes lining up waiting to take off, it makes you realise to a small extent how many people fly everyday.

Finally get to Frankfurt airport and let me tell you don't spend any length of time there you have looked at all the shops in half an hour and then spend the rest of the time bored out of your mind. I like people watching but even that gets a bit much after hours of nothing to do and that airport has a serious lack of seats so if you move you lose your seat and spend 1/2 hour wandering around to find somewhere else to sit. At least they don't allow smoking in the building anymore, that nearly killed me last time. I was so bored that I even considered sending a postcard home of Frankfurt airport building with 'bored in Frankfurt' on it but didn't want to waste the money. I took my cross stitch to do and managed to get some done, will post a pic soon.
The plane was supposed to leave at 10:50, it was so full that there was a standby list of 28 people. So we all finally get boarded and then all the juggling of seats and people wanting to sit with family etc happened and that delayed us as well, finally took off at 11:40. Never fly with Lufthansa, I always find them disorganised and late.
There were dreadful electrical storms over Africa so we had rather a bumpy ride and landed late but here I am and boy is it hot, it is going to take some getting used to this climate again.

I am so glad to see my Jessie poodle and the kitties again, I keep on bothering them, they are going to ask when I am leaving just now. I will be posting pics of them soon, can't resist.

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