Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If you have a bit of time please go and have a look at the Christmas Parade of Artists Favourites. Click on the banner and it will take you straight to the page. Ellen has done an amazing job and there are some wonderful bears and friends to look at.

I have been busy helping Wendy pack and try to tidy up and throw stuff away. The heat has taken some getting used to but it has been kind to me the last couple of days. There is stuff everywhere and I find it a daunting task sometimes to decide what stays and what goes. I love my 'stuff' and am a complete pack rat and have never met a book that didn't have to live with me.
We are starting to see things being sorted out and have most of the stuff that we don't want out of the house. It is a strange Christmas this year as the tree and all the decorations are packed away in boxes but the consolation is that next year we can go crazy with all the decorating that we usually do and we will have a white and cold Christmas.

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