Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It has been rather an eventful new year so far. The weather the last 3 days has been almost more then I can cope with, I feel like a limp rag it has been so hot you feel as if you can't breathe and I am getting a suntan. I am very fair and have the red hair tendency to get freckles rather than go brown so I am not happy. At least when I get back to London I will look as if I have been on a nice holiday.

The four kitties had to go to the cattery this morning and we had an eventful time trying to catch them, with boxes piled everywhere it provided plenty of hiding places, so I spent some time lying on the floor pulling cats out from under tables etc. Never have a cat box made for two cats to share, you put the one in, open the door slightly to put the other one in and the first escapes.

They were not very happy when they arrived at their 'hotel', Leila went and hid in the one box bed and I don't think she has surfaced yet, the other three kitties just stood in the centre of the cage and looked at us. When we went back this afternoon they had all chosen a bed to hid in and didn't even want to greet us, finally Merlin came and got a hug, he surprised me as he seems to be handling it the best so far and I expected him to have his usual stress and all his fur to fall out.

I miss them, it is so strange not having them with us, I would normally be typing this with Merlin sitting on my lap and Mishka trying to sit on my shoulders. I just hope they are okay, I know it is the best place for them to be as they would have been terrified with all the people walking through the house and making so much noise and mess but they have never been out of this house so it must seem so strange.

The packers were supposed to start at 9:00 this morning but only arrived at 12:30 as they had to finish someone else's place first. This is usual stuff for this family, nothing goes smoothly or according to plan but not much you can do about it. They are amazing to watch, everything is packed so well and thank goodness they seem to be fast. I have decided that mid summer has to be the worst time to move, it is so dreadfully hot that you lose half the day to heat exhaustion and there are all the holidays to contend with so things drag out for longer.

I feel a bit lost at the moment as we took all the sewing stuff to Pringle Bay already and I think this is the first time ever that I don't have something to do at night, of course there are no chairs so we are sitting on the floor but I could have done some stitching.

I made dinner tonight and then realised all the cutlery had been packed so we ended up using breakfast spoons and kitchen knives to eat, very interesting. So the packing continues tomorrow and Friday and then we will be out of the house.

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