Saturday, January 10, 2009

It is done. Three days of packing and our lives are in storage. We left the house at about 5:00pm on Friday, I was packed into the back seat of the car with a fan on my lap and the computer next to me and off we drove. I took some photos of the empty house just to remember and will post some soon.

The hour and a half journey was delayed when we had to stop at a police roadblock. I was not impressed as we were all hot, tired and trying to get to Pringle Bay before the sun set as there are no street lights in this little seaside town.

It is a cute little cottage that we are staying in but I have yet to see any of the famous baboons, most probably a good thing.

Drove into Cape Town yesterday, Saturday to hand over the last set of keys and do some shopping. We didn't go and see the kitties as it was getting late and they were all sleeping, they are apparently settling in okay but I miss them so much. They couldn't have stayed out here as they love being outside and that is just not possible.

We went on a long walk in the late evening, it is so quite and peaceful here, it is going to be a nice break. I have extended my stay till the 19th, to help with final packing and sorting out of kitties and visas etc. Wendy and I can work on bears and I just hope we have remembered to pack everything needed. At the moment it is a bit disorganised and there are still a few panic stricken moments when we can't find something important and wonder if it got packed by mistake.

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