Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is Leila looking very peeved because all the couches and chairs have gone and she has to sit on the floor. Of course we did provide the pile of cushions so she could be comfortable.
Merlin is packed and ready to go but is now bored with the whole idea of moving.
The empty house, this is the kitchen, it looks so beautiful. Below is the lounge, I am standing in the dining room to take the photo so that is the little bit of wooden floor that you can see.

The front of the house taken from the pathway. The verandah and garden look so bare with all of Wendy's plants gone.
This is the cottage we are staying at in Pringle Bay. Very cute with a fynbos garden which is not really my thing but is in keeping with the area.
And our first visitor. A very beautiful Siamese cat. She spent the day sleeping on the couch or bed then disappearing back home, presumably. Poor kitty tried to jump in the window on one of the return trips and I heard a thump and she was standing on the verandah with one eye closed looking at me as if it was my fault that she had misjudged the space.

My poor kitties in their hotel would be so angry if they knew about the interloper.
We went for a lovely walk along the beach late yesterday evening and watched the sunset. Absolutely amazing.


Beckie Holso said...

love these kitty antics! thanks for stopping by my blog today =)

TattingChic said...

You were "cheating" on them with "the other cat"! LOL! ;)

Thank you for entering my tatting giveaway for OWOH! You mentioned you are a beginning tatter! Awesome! I hope you share your tatting with us online here! Have you joined eTatters yet? There is a badge for it on the right sidebar of my blog. It's a free social networking site for tatters. You will LOVE it if you like tattiing You can share tatting photos and ask's all very cool!

You are also welcome to come back and visit my blog anytime! I hope you do! :)


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