Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have been strangely out of it this week. On Monday I flew back to London from France. It was an interesting trip, the drive through rural Brittany was as always, amazing. It is such a beautiful country.
Arriving at the tiny airport I had some snide comments to make but Ryan Air is very well organised and we left exactly on time and got into Stanstead airport 15 minutes early. The bus trip wasn't very interesting as it was already dark but I have seen this route before, it is the way we drive to get to Folkestone.

Arriving in London I realised that it is a grubby dirty city, it has its beauty (and I have always loved being here) but after the clean open spaces of France I seem to be noticing the complete contrast. Thank goodness we are so close to Hampstead Heath, is is so nice to have the green space.

Bronwen has never been to London before so she has a list of 'tourist' places that she wants to visit, so we will slowly start working our way through the sights. Haven't done much yet except tidy my working space up and go out grocery shopping. We did go to Ikea and spent hours walking around looking at all the furniture, we will need to get some basic stuff when we move.

I also went with Bronwen to visit her dog Max who is in quarantine 'prison' at the moment, poor boy must be so bored, he is in this cage/run with a concrete floor and wire walls with a window onto the rest of the place ( he has only had a window cell for a couple of weeks, another dog moved out). I suppose I can understand the need for quarantine but 6 months is a long time.

The photo is of Mishka cat, he doesn't like having his picture taken so I was very lucky that he posed for me the day I left France. He looks so angelic here but has been giving Wendy hell for the past week, he wants to go outside the whole time and when his demands are not met he walks around shouting. It could be a sign of stress from their move but he has had time to settle in now and he has always been wicked, he had the nickname of 'JD' when he was a kitten (juvenile delinquent). The other three kitties seem to have settled in well and are loving the grass, being city cats they are more used to paving and tarmac roads. A couple of them have even taken to climbing trees.

We were going to Portabello Road market this morning but it is raining so we are still tucked up at home. I am busy working on bears at the moment so should have some new photos to share in the next couple of days.

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