Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have a new little girl bear on eBay. Josephine is wearing a blue and white striped dress with a little bit of embroidery detail. I haven't had a bear on eBay for awhile so I hope she finds a new home.

On Sunday we went to the antique market in Pontivy, it was amazing, so big that it took us hours to walk around and look at everything. If I had money and a home to put the stuff in I would have come back with the most incredible stuff, fantastic old furniture and textiles and bric a brac. It is just as well that they don't have this market every week and that I don't have the money to spend.

I didn't come home empty handed though, Wendy and I found some lovely old buttons, lace and trim. All beautiful things to trim the bears with, alot of the vintage lace and buttons are too big a scale for miniature bears but I would love to just collect them to look at. I found an old music book which I have an idea for and Wendy found a bunch of velvet flowers, they are so lovely and are getting so hard to find so it was a good day.
Then of course Wendy found the old French bear and after misunderstanding the French language and alot of bargaining he came home with us, he is a perfect companion for my Portabello Road bear.
I find it funny that as someone who has never had a great need to collect old bears and having a dust allergy, I have now started a collection ( even if it is a shared one, still a collection)

I will have more bear photos to share with you later as I have finally finished trimming the waiting bears.

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Anonymous said...

Josephine is beautiful, I'm sure she'll find a home soon :0) Started making a list of places I want to see, so am glad you're coming back soon. xxx


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