Monday, March 9, 2009

On Saturday we went driving around and sightseeing. This is the back of the most amazing chateau, there are so many beautiful buildings to see, I love the architecture in France.

Another lovely building with the river right in front of the door. This old wall in Josselin is across the river from the castle.
The incredible castle in Josselin, it is like a fairy tale picture. The photo after this one is the entrance to the castle. It is built on these huge pieces of stone and seems to have grown out of the ground.

We had a bit of an incident with the gas bottle heater in the bathroom on Sunday morning, I hate this heater but it is needed in the cold. We have got used to using it and this is the second time we have replaced the gas bottle but when Wendy turned it on this time it was hissing a bit and then burst into flames, luckily she didn't get burnt. I had to run and get the fire extinguisher and we got the fire out quickly. After the drama we had to clean the bathroom out thoroughly, all the foam from the fire extinguisher got everywhere.
Well, our lives are never boring.

After all the drama we went to a vide-greniers market (like an 'empty attic' market) not much to look at except peoples discards but the drive there was fantastic, absolutely lovely scenery.

Today is my birthday and my lovely parents gave me this amazing cabinet, they found it yesterday at a 'Brocante' shop (like an antique shop - more like a warehouse, it was so huge). A little cleaning up and it is going to be perfect for keeping all the little bits and pieces of bear making stuff in. It was such an incredible find and I am so happy.

We got a French apple tart for tea which was really good. The rest of my day has been pretty normal, except for me mowing the front lawn or rather the lawnmower taking me for a run, the lawn looks much better. The cats have ventured outside again and are getting more confident.
More bears are coming, just have to finish clothes and then I will have some new photos to show you.


All Bear said...

Beautiful pictures. I love France too, it some places it's like stepping back into another time ...

Anonymous said...

I want your cabinet - it's simply divine! Tell Mom & Dad they better find one for me for my birthday. Hahaha!
And I love all the buildings - fantastic!


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