Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lots and lots of photos to share. Above is the chateau in Pontivy, taken before I came to London for the Bear fair. The next two are of Folkestone where we stayed the night on the last trip back to France, I find it amazing how the tide is completely out, leaving the boats in mud for hours during the day. I got to see a hazy view of the white cliffs of Dover ( in the background of the second photo)

On the side of the hill by the Eurostar train entrance you can see this amazing horse.
On the long drive from Calais to Pontivy we drove over this amazing bridge, unfortunately a very overcast day but at least you can see it.

I find wind turbines amazing, you see a lot in France and I have taken lots of photos of them. I really think they should start using them in South Africa, in Cape Town especially there is so much wind.
This is the new home for six months. We are living in Kerfourn, a little village just outside of Pontivy, Brittany. It is a beautiful old stone Breton cottage and I try and get a better photo of it. (without the car in the way would help)
The front door.
The car, I love this car and the family thinks this is hysterical, I have never expressed any interest in cars and can't drive so it really is silly.
The beautiful window in the lounge, from here we can see straight down the road into the village and the cats have started to sit on the windowsill and watch the world go by.
This is the view from the front window, the village of Kerfourn with the church on the right.
The back garden is beautiful, long and skinny but has the most amazing old trees and a well.

The photos of the house got taken during one of the sunny spells. The weather has been a mix of extremes, lovely and sunny and very cold. Yesterday it was almost sleeting and after waking up to sun this morning it snowed for about five minutes and is now raining. This morning while the other three kitties were sleeping I took Mishka cat out for a short recon of the garden , he loved it and wants to go out again but it is going to be a very slow process, I don't want them getting lost.

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