Friday, April 17, 2009

I seem to do my blog updates a week apart, totally unintended but a bit strange. All sorts of things have been happening, still no luck with the moving, who knew prices where still so high in London, the frustrating thing is that it is only sort term that we are wanting to stay here, as soon as possible we want to move out of London, but I will just have to persevere and see what happens.
The most worrying news is that my sister's dog Max has got kennel cough from the dreadful place he is having to stay in for quarantine. They really are the most useless and awful place, it started off with two dogs getting sick and now almost all the dogs have got it. Luckily he is a very healthy dog and managed to fight the infection off until this week. Yesterday he was showing a very slight improvement. The time till his release date can't come soon enough.

The only real sightseeing we have done this past week is that I took my sister to Piccadilly Circus, no photos to show you as she took them all and I just haven't got around to asking her for some copies. We have also been exploring below the river in the South of London but still no photos, I have been a bit lazy about taking the camera with me.

This is 'Pippin' a new little bear on eBay, if you have a minute please go and have a look. I love this pattern, it makes such a beautiful round handful of a bear.

I have also been busy in some of my spare time with some cross stitch. This is a scissor fob that I have just finished. I must also try and find the time to do some more tatting before I get rusty and forget how to do it. I need more hours in every day to do all the things I want to, that is most probably such a familiar phrase that crafter's use. I have started taking my knitting on the tube with me and when I get a seat (which is not that often) I sit and knit the mini jerseys for the bears.
I ran out of stuffing and nose thread for my bears this week, luckily the lovely Amanda from Sambrook Bears has come to the rescue and I will have stuffing again and the nose thread is on its way from a internet craft shop so the bears are back in production.

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