Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday was my sister's birthday but unfortunately there were only the two of us to celebrate and not having much money means we kept things very ordinary. She went to visit Max in quarantine and I spent the day stitching bears but we had a good dinner and a cupcake each for a birthday cake.
The real treat was on Sunday when we went to the Scrapbooking and Stamp Show at Alexandra Palace. The photos are of the venue, the building is absolutely beautiful and we meant to take more photos but we got waylaid inside and just never got around to it. The scenery is also incredible as it is so high up here you feel as if you can see the whole of London, it was lovely weather on the day so a lot of people where out and about in the park.

The show opened at 10:00 and we where there at about 10:30. We each had a tiny little bit of spending money and we started looking at stands. I had said to Bronwen that we would most probably be out of there by lunch time as I was sure that we could look at the 60 stands very quickly, well at 4:00 (closing time) we staggered out of there totally exhausted having made it around all the stands. I spent a bit more than the budget but came home with some lovely ribbon, paper and buttons. Bear in mind that I don't do scrap booking but I still have a need to collect all the lovely stuff. My sister could have brought so much if money permitted but we had a wonderful day. I now understand what a big craft show is like, we never had anything like this in South Africa.

Today we are back to normal business and the house and job hunting continues. At least amid all the chaos and uncertainty we have good days to remember. Who knew when we started planning this move over two years ago that the world would be so different now. I think it is just a case of staying positive and eventually things will work out. So on that note, back to the bear making and hopefully I will have some new photos to show you at the end of the week.

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